10 Star Wars Characters That Failed to Live Up to the Hype


Who are the most overrated Star Wars characters of all time? 

Recently a fan asked this in a Star Wars forum, and people flooded the thread to give these characters as the top-voted answers. Do you know who comes in at number one?

10 Star Wars Characters That Failed to Live Up to the Hype

“Don't get me wrong. He's a franchise staple and has excellent characterization outside the prequels. Still, people talk about his arc like it's the most extraordinary story ever written by a man.”

1.  Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader

“Darth Revan. For Star Wars Legends, Revan is overrated. He's a player insert, meaning he has no set personality traits/characteristics. He's a blank slate.”

2. Darth Revan

“He has a significant weakness: he is so overconfident. He lost his legs because of it. His fight against Ashoka because of it. And his life because of it. He is one of the best duelists in the galaxy, and when he should win, he cracks.”

3. Darth Maul

“Princess Leia. Yes, I know, she is untouchable, but the only thing I ever liked about her was her dynamic with Han. Otherwise, she just fell flat for me,” one fan admitted.

4. Princess Leia

“Luke Skywalker (A New Hope) BECAUSE he's so cocky, and he gets this massive ego boost after saving everyone. I didn't care for his character in the film.”

5. Luke Skywalker

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