10 Surprisingly Romantic Moments from ‘The Walking Dead’

Romance might not be the first thing you think about when reflecting on the most iconic episodes of The Walking Dead through its eleven seasons on the air. 

Still, as we wind through the remaining episodes of its last season, many longtime fans will agree that the relationships between the show’s living characters are the glue that holds the whole franchise together.

Season 10, Episode 22 “Here’s Negan” Negan Slow Dances With Lucille

It’s hard to say whether Negan loved his wife or the barbed-wire baseball bat he named after her more, but he only slow-danced with his wife, so we’re going to go with her. 

Season 10, Episode 4 “Silence the Whisperers” Magna and Yumiko Get Together, Thank God

Yumiko and Manga are two characters that were so focused on survival that it took a long time to realize that they were even officially together, which is why it was a bit of a surprise when we learned they’d been a couple for more than a decade. 

Season 6, Episode 15 “East” Abraham and Sasha Plain Didn’t Have Enough Time

Season 3, Episode 15 “This Sorrowful Life” Glenn Proposes to Maggie

Glenn and Maggie are considered by many series fans to have been the ideal couple for the end times, which is why the series lost a lot of viewers when Negan arbitrarily murdered Glenn in order to instill his authority over the people of Alexandria.