10 Things Millennials Will Regret Not Appreciating Enough

Looking Back:

Are you old enough to have experienced nostalgia for things from a time in your life? For example, I'm from Gen-X, and I miss videos on MTV. Not the videos they make today. I miss videos that told stories like Michael Jackson's “Thriller.” Or Guns N Roses' “November Rain.” 

Some artists still do this (Taylor Swift), but it's not the same feeling as racing home from school and waiting for the video to play. Nonetheless, a Redditor recently asked, “In 50 years, what will people be nostalgic for?” Here are the top-voted responses. 


“Sad but true,” one user admitted, “We used to have tons of snow every winter. But, unfortunately, we haven't had snow for five years now. Only occasionally. But it melts right away and leaves nothing but water on the ground."


Another person said, “Driving. Imagine a world where all vehicles are automated. It would be so ‘retro' to drive a car down to the shop – manually.” 

Car Maintenance

“Being able to do basic maintenance on your car without needing a shop manual and a year's salary worth of special tools,” one person volunteered. 

Adblock and Skippable Ads

One Redditor shared, “Adblock/skippable ads. In the future decade, I can see repeatable unblockable ads becoming mainstream in places like YouTube, Netflix, etc.” 

Wild Animals

“Not just animals. Insects. I remember in the 90s, after a drive through the country, squashed bugs would cover your car —these days, like none.” 

Pokémon GO

One user nominated, “That one month when we were all playing Pokémon GO.” Another stated, “I'm already nostalgic for it,” before a third said, “It's the closest we ever came to world peace.” 

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