10 Times the Twilight Zone Predicted the Future


After three canceled TV reboots, The Twilight Zone returns in a new form: virtual reality. 

Throughout the original runs of five seasons and 156 episodes, virtual reality wasn’t something that was featured – or at least, not as wearable technology.

10 Times the Twilight Zone Predicted the Future

Starting with a real gut punch, “The Midnight Sun” provides a horrifying glimpse into a world where the climate is no longer hospitable for humans. Water is rationed, and temperatures hit 130 degrees by the end of the episode.

Runaway Climate Change in the Midnight Sun

As a result, it’s not a comfortable watch, with visible sweat dripping from the cast at all times.

Okay, we accept that aliens aren’t here at the time of this writing, but “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street” is less about space monsters and more about the monstrous behavior they awaken in the neighborhood.

The Power of Social Media Division in the Monsters Are Due on Maple Street

With minimal intervention, paranoia and distrust gradually turn the occupants of Maple Street against each other, leaving them powerless to deal with an actual hostile invasion.

“The Brain Center at Whipple’s” – a forgettable episode from the show’s final season – is a classic tale of reaping what you sow.

Job Losses via Automation in the Brain Center at Whipple’

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