10 Verbal Communication Skills Needed for Work Today

Throughout your day, you interact with many people, especially at work. Now that our work has become a combination of remote and in-person, it’s essential that you have the proper verbal communication skills to be productive, help boost efficiency levels within the company, and help others succeed. 

10 Must-Have Verbal Communication Skill

1. Effective Speaking and Active Listening

People generally feel like they are either better at speaking or better at listening. However, it’s essential to have a good understanding of both these interpersonal skills.

2. Making Small Talk

While engaging in small talk might seem unimportant, having small talk skills can help you develop better relationships with other people and build a rapport. Small talk can help you start a conversation, keep it going, and politely end a conversation before you part ways.

3. Presenting to Group

Public speaking isn’t something that many people enjoy, but you must develop these communication skills. Effective public speaking skills help with the advancement of your career.

4. Communicating to Small Group

Speaking with a small group of people is very different than speaking to a large group. When you’re presenting to a large number of people, you rarely can connect one-on-one with people.