10 Ways to Save Money on Childcare

Most parents know the struggles of affording childcare. Regardless of income, marital status, or overall socioeconomic situation, we all have a hefty bill to pay in the childcare department.

Let's face it, paying for proper, reliable childcare is like paying rent! Here are some tips that I've learned as a parent to help save money on childcare.

Parent-Child Exchange Hub

For example, if one parent works on weekends and you work on weekdays, you can trade off child watching duties. You watch their kids while they work, and they return the favor while you're working!

Church-Based Childcare

Churches are more than willing to help the community. Not a member? No problem! Most churches don't discriminate, welcoming newcomers with open arms. They want to help.

Ask the State

There are programs specially designed to help low-income families with childcare. It is ok to use your community resources when you're in a pinch – you help pay for them with your taxes.

Work from Home or Take Courses Online

Another option worth considering is online college classes instead of in-person classes. You get more flexibility and can attend classes while simultaneously cooking dinner or folding laundry. It's a win win!

Shift Hours / Change Schedule

Whether it's you working nights while your partner works days, or taking a weekend job while your significant other works weekdays, you both get to spend time with your children and save on expenses.

Sibling Discounts!

Most childcare facilities offer sibling discounts! They may not mention it, so be bold and ask! Most facilities will offer a 10% to 15% discount if you plan to have your child stay full time.

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