8 Clever Moves When You Have $1,000 in the Bank

You've worked hard to make an extra $1,000, and you want to put that money to work earning you even more money.

Here are eight simple moves you can make to keep growing your savings and get on the path toward building wealth.

Earn 15X More Interest With This Bank Account

Start with a high-yield savings account through a bank like CIT Bank. With their Savings Connect account, you can earn 15X the national average interest rate!

Now almost anyone can invest passively in real estate with just a few clicks, thanks to crowdfunding websites that allow you to invest alongside thousands of other people in all types of real estate.

Earn Passive Income Investing in Real Estate With Just $10

Pay Off Your High-Interest Debt

The average credit card interest rate is almost 17%. If you have a credit card balance, this debt should probably be your number one priority to pay off.

M1 Finance can help. It is a revolutionary platform that allows you to buy fractional shares of stock in increments as low as $1.

Invest in Apple, Tesla, or Amazon for Only $1

There are endless ideas for side jobs with low start-up costs that can earn you extra money every month. You just have to decide what interests you.

Start a Side Hustle

If you aren't ready to start a full-on side hustle, there are plenty of apps that pay you to do stuff you're already doing anyway, such as playing games or watching videos.

Make Extra Money Watching Videos on Your Phone

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