11 Crazy Crowdfunding Campaign

Raising funds to create a company like making a new technology once meant going through numerous rounds of gatekeepers, delivering a pitch to venture capitalists, and using every contact at your disposal. These days, it can be as simple as uploading a campaign to a website. 

1. World’s Largest Jockstrap

At first, the idea of creating the world’s largest jockstrap doesn’t sound too crazy — sure, it’s a slightly odd goal, but why not?

2. Grilled Cheesu

If you thought the idea of making a very large jockstrap was ridiculous, then, well, you’d be correct. But an artist trying to break a world record at least makes slightly more sense than creating an electric sandwich press that imprints the face of Jesus onto bread.

3. An Inflatable Lionel Richie Head

Lionel Richie is a true legend. He might already have a head of his own, but one ambitious Kickstarter campaign decided his face also needed to be turned into a giant inflatable structure for festival-goers to enjoy.

4. Ostrich Pillow

There are few people in this world with the freakish ability to actually get a good quality of sleep when they’re traveling on coaches, airplanes, and even boats. If you don’t possess this superpower, you probably need all the help you can get to achieve a little shut-eye on long journeys.

5. Toilet Nightlight

According to the founders, the toilet nightlight is also helpful for anyone who usually falls in. If you say so, guys. Regardless of its utility, the campaign ended up raising over $95,000. Hopefully, not all the people who pledged were inspired to invest because they fall into the toilet in the dark.