11 Well-Written Strong Women Characters in Movies and on TV

Are you searching for some women who seriously kick butt? You've got company. 

Someone recently asked, “Who is a well-written, strong female character in a movie or TV show?” And these are the top-voted responses. 

Ellen Ripley in Alien

“Ellen Ripley in Alien! She's the main character who happens to be a woman, not a woman who happens to be the main character. The distinction seems small, but it makes all the difference,” one user expressed. 

Kim Wexler in Better Call Saul

“I like Kim on Better Call Saul because she has depth. So many writers don't understand that you can write a strong character who has flaws, makes mistakes, and shows vulnerability from time to time,” admitted one. 

Dana Scully in the X Files

“Scully was THE strong female character of the 90s. Intelligent, educated, confident, and well-spoken. She held her own in male-dominated fields of law enforcement and medicine."

Clarice Starling From the Silence of the Lambs

One person replied, “What makes her such a good character is that despite being highly intelligent and competent, she's desperately scared, vulnerable, and mostly alone. Great character and an excellent performance from Jodie Foster.” 

Sarah Connor From Terminator

Another added, “I love how Linda Hamilton got ripped for the role. I hate when women in action movies can take down 6'4 men while weighing 90 lbs and having almost no combat training.” 

Leela From Futurama

“I find many of Matt Groening's female characters awesome- the full Disenchantment cast – Bean, Oona, Older stripper granny, and Mora,” one person expressed. 

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