11 Top Gas Apps To Save Money

With gas prices hitting record levels this year, it's no surprise that consumers are looking for ways to cut costs. That's where gas apps come in. These apps help you find the cheapest gas and offer rewards too. 

Saving money, especially if you're living paycheck to paycheck, is essential – and every penny counts.

Especially if you're trying to pay off a loan or get out of crippling debt, saving money at the pump can help you reach your financial goals. Here are the top gas savings apps to try.


GasBuddy is a popular smartphone app that allows users to compare gas prices across multiple locations. The app collects data from its users to provide real-time information about local gas stations, including price comparisons and location maps.

Gas Guru is a free app that displays gas prices in your local area. Gas Guru uses OPIS (Open Petroleum Information System), making it more reliable than similar apps.

Gas Guru

The AAA TripTik Travel Planner is a travel guide app designed specifically for Android smartphones. With it, you can plan trips anywhere in the world, including popular destinations like Hawaii, Florida, Las Vegas, California, and many others.

AAA Triptik Travel Planner

The site offers free maps, driving directions, and detailed maps. So whether you're looking for the nearest cheap restaurant or going to your kid's soccer game across town, MapQuest can help you get there cost-efficiently.



Upside allows users to earn money back on purchases at grocery stores, restaurants, and other local businesses. Users can redeem rewards via Paypal, bank transfer, gift card, or eGift. This app is available in English only.

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