12 Mandela Effects That Are Confusing People the Most

The Mandela Effect is a phenomenon where a large group of people share a false memory of a particular event or fact.

Let's explore 12 of the most confusing Mandela Effects people can't believe are false memories.

The Missing Cornucopia on Fruit of the Loom Tags

Though most consumers who have purchased Fruit of the Loom products insist that there has always been a cornucopia behind the fruit, there has never been a cornucopia.

It's Berenstain Bears, Not Bernstein Bears

Readers of the popular children's storybook series The Berenstain Bears mistakenly remember it being spelled “Berenstein” or “Berstein.”

The Monopoly Man Doesn't Have a Monocole

Since when does the Monopoly man not have a monocle? He has a top hat, for crying out loud; what character with a top hat doesn't have a monocle?

It's “Magic Mirror on the Wall,” Not “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall”

Even though the actual line spoken by the evil queen is “Magic mirror on the wall,” many people remember it as “Mirror, mirror on the wall.”

Pikachu's Tail Doesn't Have Black Detailing

Despite the fact that Pikachu's tail is entirely yellow, many people remember him having black stripes or black detailing on it.

Nelson Mandela Didn't Die in Prison

Most kids who learned about Nelson Mandela and the history of apartheid in South Africa swear they were taught that he died in prison, which would have been in the 1980s.

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