12 Professional Reasons For Leaving A Job

There are many valid reasons for leaving a job. When you resign from your current role, you want to leave on good terms. Even if you are unhappy, leaving on bad terms could hinder your future career aspirations.

Here are 12 good reasons for leaving a job that allows you to still keep things professional.

1. You Have Found New Opportunities Elsewhere

If you love the career field you are currently in or want to take on new challenges, there may come a time when another company makes you an offer that's just too good to turn down. 

2. Your Schedule Took a Hit

In some cases, your work schedule may ultimately be one of your reasons for leaving a job. This can involve various factors, such as having your hours reduced, being switched to working the night shift rather than a traditional daytime shift, or even having your hours increased so that you are working more hours than you can handle. 

3. Personal or Family Reason

Unless you have a boss who has no feelings whatsoever, leaving for family or personal reasons is a way to quit your current job on good terms. 

4. Your Commute is Too Long

You may be like many people and live outside a town or city and commute a long distance to your job. While it may not have seemed like a big deal at first, those long drives back and forth several times per week may be taking a toll on your family and your wallet, especially at the gas pump.