12 Simple Ways To Get Clutter Under Control


It's important to remember that clutter is not just about things. It's also about how you think about the items in your home. 

You may declutter your home and be able to see the countertops, but the reality is that clutter may come back if you don't understand and consider why it happened, how it got there, and how to avoid it going forward.

Here are twelve things you can do, starting today, to help you get clutter under control. The first five will prime your brain to declutter.

How To Get Clutter Under Control

Be clear about how you will sort things — sell, donate, trash, or give away — and plan how you will get things to those places.

1. Get a Staging Area Set Up To Make Decluttering Easy

For example, if you plan to sell something, you need a place to take a picture of the item and then a place to put it while it waits for the sale. No, it doesn't go back where it was.

Encourage your housemates to be part of the new plan. If they don't want to be part of your plan, you must determine how you can live with their decisions.

2. Talk to Your Housemates

Commit to a plan, such as the downstairs bathroom on Tuesday, the front porch and hallway on Wednesday, the living room on Thursday, etc.

3. Commit To Cleaning Your Space Regularly

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