12 Ways How You Can Listen To Music, Get Paid & Have Fun


Times are hard, and everyone loves a little extra cash when prices are rising faster than our monthly salary.

You heard it right, you are able to make some extra income by indulging in your personal passion. There are quite a number of platforms that will allow you to get paid to listen to music.

How to Make Money Listening to Music

This platform is a rage with many youths today. The reason is simple. You get to earn around $0.08 per minute just by listening to live radio stations


Here is how the earnings start. You will be awarded points for every month you spend listening to these radio stations.

Current Reward

Earnably ranks high in our list because it sits amongst the top spots for some of the highest paying websites for you to get paid to listen to music.


Once registered, you can access your favorite songs and music artists, share music-related news and even buy tickets to artists’ concerts!


No matter if you just love to be amongst the first to listen to the latest tracks or simply want to get paid while listening to your favorite tunes, FusionCash is the place to be.


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