12 Worst Movies on Netflix Right Now

As a rule of thumb, I give most movies I watch the benefit of the doubt. Every film I watch starts at a ten, and I deduct points as I watch it. 

Bad acting? Weird casting choices? Terrible plotlines? Deduct, deduct, deduct. 

This list of 12 of the worst movies on Netflix is by no means telling you that your favorite comfort movie is bad. 


This movie is bad because it glorifies a really toxic relationship. Hardin is a terrible boyfriend; he’s angry, violent, and verbally abusive when things don’t go his way. 

After We Collided

“After We Collided” assured audiences that it was, in fact, a very toxic relationship. There’s nothing romantic or feel-good about watching an alcoholic boy verbally abusing the girl he claims to love. 

Kissing Booth

Despite being an unmitigated mess of a movie, audiences seemed to enjoy the overwrought cliches and cheesy teenage romance on display in the film.