14 Best Horror Movies to Stream on Amazon Prime

There are all kinds of horror movies out there, with so many subcategories in the horror genre, it’s a daunting task to even try to list them. 

To help narrow the list of must-watch horror movies and where you can currently find them down a bit, we put together a list of the top 14 best horror movies streaming on Amazon Prime right now, which we feel offers a variety of fantastic horror films across all subcategories of the genre. 


Along with the original Wicker Man, few films classified as “folk horror” are this downright terrifying. Taking place in rural Sweden, a group of American friends are welcomed into a Scandinavian community celebrating a strange centuries-old pagan festival. 

Rear Window

One of the earliest psychological horror movies in Hitchcock’s career (a genre he would return to again and again), Rear Window remains a fantastic claustrophobic suspense movie and certainly one of Hitchcock’s best as well. 

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse features incredible black-and-white cinematography, fantastic pacing, eerie direction by Robert Eggers (The Witch), and two powerhouse performances by Pattison and Dafoe. We can promise you right away, The Lighthouse will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen. 


A reboot of the original cult classic horror movie, Suspiria follows a young woman enrolled at a private dance academy in Berlin, who begins to believe a coven of witches resides at the school. Just like the original, this movie is an incredibly creepy movie that has probably the best witch antagonists captured in film in a long time