14 Costco Benefits That Make It a Best-In-Class Employer

Wholesale retailer Costco is famous for its unique approach to finding uncommon cost-cutting measures and passing on the savings to its customers. But does the conscious-capitalist warehouse giant extend this same generosity to its staff?

A closer look at Costco employee benefits, both reported by the company itself and by current and former employees, reveals an overall compensation package that’s tough for competitors to beat.

In addition to a free annual membership for themselves, Costco employees can also offer three others to whomever they choose, including friends, family, or anyone else.

Free Annual Memberships

Anyone working more than 24 hours per week at the company can enroll in health benefits anytime after completing their first 180 days. The program includes health, vision, and dental insurance options and access to great rates at Costco’s in-store pharmacy.

Health Benefits

In addition to the ordinary behavioral health costs covered under the company’s health insurance, it offers extra mental health resources to employees struggling with life changes or other difficulties.

Mental Healthcare

Costco offers a $17 per hour minimum wage across the board, well above the federal minimum wage of $7.25, with employee pay only rising from there.

Great Hourly Rates

Most employees can claim a basic life insurance benefit, with an amount that increases based on monthly hours and the number of years of service with the company.

Additional Insurance Options

The benefits of a long-term job should help you cover your day-to-day expenses and plan for your future. Costco’s compensation package does this in a few ways, perhaps most notably through its 401(k) offering.

Saving for Retirement

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