14 Data Collection Apps You Can Utilize to Make Money!

Like it or not, your data is constantly being collected by data collection apps, search engines, and social media platforms.

Sure you can go incognito and avoid some of this, but if companies are willing to pay you for your mobile data, why not earn a few dollars each month?

1. Tapestri

Tapestri pays you for your location data. Large retailers like Lowes want to know your shopping habits so that they will buy your data from Tapestri. As a reward, Tapestri pays you for this very vital data!

2. Permission Research

Permission Research relies on its members to gain valuable insight into online trends and behavior. It works by installing software on your phone, and your internet usage data is collected, pooled, and sold (don't worry, they protect your data).

3. Honeygain

Using your unused internet bandwidth, Honegain rents it out and uses it to gather valuable market research data. According to its website, Honeygain is the first-ever app that allows its users to make money online by sharing their Internet connection.

4. Mobile Expression

Get paid for your internet surfing. Seriously, it is that simple. When you download MobileExpression, the data collection app uses your internet data to help shape “The Future of the Internet.”

5. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

Nielsen Ratings is the original data collector that paid you back in the cable TV days. Now, the app tracks how you use the internet, your tablets, phones, and TV. You can earn up to $50 each year to redeem gift cards.

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