14 of The Dumbest Ways You Are Spending Your Time

We're all for doing whatever floats your boat; it's nobody's business how you spend your time if you're not causing harm. We get that. 

But some internet users have a few opinions on what makes up a total waste of time. We'll be sharing 14 of those opinions with you right away! 

Thinking About People's Opinions

Why waste your time and energy worrying about the opinions of others? People are usually too caught up in their own lives to notice what you're doing.  

Doom Scrolling

It's crazy because why would you want to attend the world's most depressing party with no chance of escape? 

With The Wrong Partner

Imagine spending time with someone who makes you question your sanity regularly. That's like a never-ending game of emotional roulette; the only prize is that it makes for excellent storytelling material later. 

Arguing on The Internet

We've all been there, passionately typing away while our blood pressure rises. Deep down, we know it's an exercise in futility. 

Working off The Clock

It's like being a secret superhero, saving the company from impending doom while your cape goes unnoticed. 


Why spend time looking for solutions when you can just worry? Does it feel good to stress about things that are beyond our control? 

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