14 Games That Pay Instantly to Cash App: Make Real Money

You can make real money playing games despite what your parents may have told you when you were growing up. And no, we’re not talking about professional eSports or anything nearly that demanding or exclusive.

Instead, we’re talking about mobile apps and games that can pay real money to anyone just for signing up and playing.

These games will not make you rich overnight or replace your full-time income. Still, a reliable side hustle with steady cash paydays for some casual gaming is a selling proposition.

Solitaire Cash

Make money with this classic Klondike-inspired Solitaire game by competing in skill-based matches – the three highest-scoring players win! Each player gets the same deck of cards to ensure a fair matchup, and no ads make for a distraction-free game.

Mistplay is another sizable platform offering numerous options to play to earn. If you’re unsure what you want to play, this platform could be a great place to start, offering games across many genres and styles.


Bubble Cash

Everyone loves a bubble popper game, and everyone wants cash. So what better option is there than Bubble Cash, a fresh take on the classic skill-based game with the potential to win real money?

You may recognize Swagbucks as a service that pays users to take surveys, watch videos, engage with certain products online, and more. In addition to paid surveys, the site offers a selection of games that pay real money.


Competitive Solitaire may sound like a paradox, but Solitaire Cube is here to dispel that illusion. In this game, you can engage in fast-paced, head-to-head Solitaire action against real players and compete for good money. 

Solitaire Cube

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