16 Shocking Ways People Realized They Married The Absolutely Wrong Person

Sometimes love is blind, and people wake up one day, realizing they may have walked into the wrong marriage with the wrong person.

Folks on an online forum share shocking tales of discovering they made a mistake in choosing their life partners. Here are some of the most interesting stories.

The Dishes

One member left her fiance (almost married) after he griped at her for not doing the dishes. However, this was after she had a stint in the hospital and was recovering from an invasive surgery. What a jerk!

On Their Wedding Day

One member says on their wedding day, their ex-wife was intoxicated the entire time and had to sleep it off after. 5-years-later, she went to rehab, and came out saying she no longer loved him and they got divorced. 

Ketchup Catastrophe

A contributor shares how their partner committed the unforgivable act of putting ketchup on spaghetti. Yes, you read that right.

Say Cheese – Oh, Wait

Another unfortunate soul discovered their spouse was incapable of smiling genuinely. Every time they posed for a picture together, it was as if they were a member of a professional poker league.

The Snorer

Sleep is sacred, but for one individual, the sanctity was shattered every night. Their partner's snoring was akin to a chainsaw on full blast. How would you feel when you have someone close to you snoring as loud as a miller's engine?

A Passion for Pickles

It turned out that one person's affinity for pickles was more than just a passing craving. It became an obsession. Pickles in the morning, pickles in the afternoon, pickles at night, and pickles for every meal in between.

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