14 Things You Do When You Grew Up Financially Unstable

We were not all born Bill Gates — and it's nothing to be ashamed of. But while it's not shameful to have grown up poor, certain things we do scream about the financial status of the home we were born into.

We stumbled into a conversation on an online forum where folks shared “dead giveaways” that a person grew up poor. Interested? Here are 14 of them!

Hoarding Food

Some people always have the fear that they are running out of food, even when they have a month's supply in check. You can't blame them — it's only a reflection of the environment in which they were raised.

Offering To Help People Move

Other people think jobs like this are meant for hired labor, but people who grew up poor think it is a waste of money to hire people to help you move when you can get your friends and neighbors to help you for free.

Ordering The Cheapest Things on The Menu

You play blind to the expensive items on the menu, even if you can now buy the whole restaurant.

Reusing or Repurposing Every Single Little Thing

You go out for groceries and return with a polythene bag you're too afraid of losing.

Finding an Alternative to Meat

For one contributor, purchasing meat was too expensive growing up, so their mother had to improvise with carrots.

Cutting The Molds

Almost everyone who grew up in a family with barely enough can say the same. You have molds growing on your bread, for example, and you look at them and smile at the fact that it's not going to stop you from eating it.

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