16 Things You Do to Your Car That Signal To Other Drivers You’re an Idiot

How people treat their car and what they decide to put on it can give you a quick insight into what they may be like if you meet them face-to-face.

Whether that insight is good or bad depends on the individual and what the additions are. An online group gathered together to discuss what they believed were the biggest signals that a driver was someone to avoid.

Honk If You're Stickers

The whole point of a “honky if you are…” type of bumper sticker is to distract you from the fact that the person is a terrible driver. Just don't do it!

Nice Blinker!

While not using your blinker is sometimes an issue with your car and not generally something that's on your car… it's still a warning sign to drivers around you to avoid you at all costs!

Peeing Calvin Decal

Not only does the image show poor taste, but people see it as going against the original material. As one commenter notes, “It perverts and subverts what Calvin stood for."

Middle Finger Anything

One participant mentions how they work with a man who has the gesture in various forms on his truck “Yet he is the most touchy and sensitive baby in the entire joint.”

Locally Hated Decals

For many, having such a sticker automatically signals that you should be avoided at all costs, as one respondent notes how it is similar to people saying that people keep saying that they are a jerk, but they aren’t.

“Punisher” Skulls

Though the Punisher is an anarchist, many police have decided to take their symbol as a way to represent themselves. It’s this irony that makes people seem like idiots when they, especially police, put it on their cars.

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