15 Celebrity Deaths That Punched People in The Gut

It's never easy losing someone you love. Many people feel close to celebrities who've influenced their lives and feel sincere grief when they pass.

After a Redditor asked, “Which famous person's death made you the saddest?” There were the top-voted answers.

“Yes. I was walking around the store listening to everyone find out. All of us strangers were completely heartbroken. She was gone less than a month away from her 100th birthday,” a user said.

Betty White

“My wife got the call about when her episode of Jeopardy was going to air the same day he died. What a gut punch for her on one of the happiest days of her life,” one user confessed.

Alex Trebek

Another added, “Losing him and Chris Cornell the same summer messed me up. And Chester killed himself on Chris' birthday. We'll never know the true significance of that, but we know Chester was completely broken after losing Chris.”

Chester Bennington

One user confessed, “Chris Cornell was so talented and emotionally powerful. The dude wrote the most banger Bond theme and the soundtrack to my teenage years with Audioslave.”

Chris Cornell

“I know exactly where I was when I heard the news – on Powell in Portland, Oregon, right by the Arby's. I heard it on the radio. I couldn't drive any farther. I pulled over, called my sister, and we both cried."

Heath Ledger

One person said, “David Bowie. Driving to work that morning, it was all over the radio. I saw several people openly crying in their cars. The station I listened to went with ‘Absolute Beginners' as a tribute. It seemed like an odd choice until it got to the chorus. Magnificent.”

David Bowie

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