17 Products That Were Expected To Be The Next Breakthrough

The wheel was the next big thing. The printing press was the next big thing. The fidget spinner was not. It turns out the next big thing.

We must call out those who pushed ballyhooed products that failed to earn their “next big thing” status.

PlayStation Portable (PSP)

Unfortunately, the format for the games (UMD) never really took off, and there was never a great online infrastructure to buy stuff to put onto your PSP, so this one fizzled.


Microsoft's Zune had a lot going for it, but as folks transitioned from MP3 players to phones that could play music, this one was left behind.


If we want to waste between 10 and 30 minutes, we'll open Instagram, thank you very much.


Some people are still trying to make hoverboards happen. Stop. Hoverboards aren't happening.

3-D Televisions

3-D televisions were very cool for a minute. Then the edible wore off, and we realized that wearing glasses to watch your TV is impractical.


Segways used to be the urban transportation mode of the future. Now, they are an easy way to spot tourists.

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