15 Secrets Only Cat Owners Know About Living With Felines 

Despite what some people think, cats can be great companions and offer a lot of joy to their owners. As someone who has owned cats for most of my life, many of these feline facts weren’t news. 

However, if you’re a dog person or someone considering adopting a cat, these secrets shared on an online discussion board may be helpful or interesting to you.  

Cats Snore

One cat owner said they love it when their cat snores because it means they feel safe, especially if they fall asleep and snore in their arms.  

Cats Are Very Affectionate 

Although it’s very different from how dogs tend to show affection, many cats are also affectionate and like to offer cuddles or kisses.  

Cats Get Embarrassed

This can be seen most if they’re caught doing something they shouldn’t be or accidentally falling while jumping. 

Cats Have Different Meows & Noises

Most cats do not meow at each other, which means the noises they make are typically to get your attention or try to communicate something to humans. 

Cats Miss You When You’re Gone

One cat owner said their cat spends a long time meowing at them to “fill them in” on what happened while they were gone for a few days.  

Cats May Be Able to Experience Grief

One commenter said that after their husband died, his cat continued to wait by the front door for him to come home. The cat even sleeps on his side of the bed and rests her head on his pillow.  

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