15 Side Gigs To Make More Money Today

Marching out of debt requires a lot of energy; there is no doubt about it. As discussed, working towards a debt-free lifestyle is not just about reducing spending.

It is about creating additional income for yourself by being resourceful… or, let us go there – downright scrappy. The key is finding ways to monetize the activities you naturally enjoy.

Take the “free” out of your free time by sharing your passions to help benefit others and earn extra cash.

Take Care of Pets

Dogwalker.com can help you find dog walking opportunities, and Care.com  offers resources for pet sitting and related efforts. DogVacay is a prime website for dog boarding–participants set their rates and make up to $200 a week.

Sites like TaskRabbit help people to find personal assistant work in their neighborhood or community.  Apply and get going.   

Lend a Hand


If you enjoy children, I can't stress this gig enough. Get silly! Some childlike enthusiasm never hurt anyone, especially when stressed out with adult troubles like finances.  Interacting with happy children can help put things in perspective.

People work late and travel often.  Create a flyer for assistance with watering and put it on your neighbor's doorsteps.  My favorite kinds of side gigs are the convenient ones.

Water Plants in Your Neighborhood

Do you have an inviting and comfortable living space? Do you enjoy meeting new people? If so, you'll probably have excellent results by listing your extra bedroom on Airbnb.com.

List Your Apartment on Airbnb

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