15 Simple Natural Remedies You Can Use Today

It's easy to be overwhelmed by all the home remedies out there, and it's hard to know which one will be your best bet.

This article will talk about the simplest remedies, with common ingredients like; honey, lemon, basil, and more.

1. A Simple Remedy For A Common Symptom

There is a good reason why so many throat medications have honey and lemon as ingredients. It's one of the best simple remedies for a sore throat.

The secret is that you need to know the exact recipe to feel better fast. Mix a tablespoon of raw honey, two teaspoons of fresh lemon juice, and four teaspoons of water. Microwave it for just 20 seconds.

2. Fresh Basil Leaves As Antacid Remedy

Basil leaves are also known as Tulsi. If heartburn is an everyday struggle for you, having a basil plant in your kitchen might do the trick.

3. A Scarf To Aid In Headache Relief

Placing it on your forehead for 5 minutes can help dull and relieve headache pain: next place, the ice in a towel and on your forehead.

4. A Banana A Day Keep The Migraine Away

It would be best to eat this on an empty stomach in the morning. Make this your breakfast, not after your first coffee or tea.

5. Magnesium Rich Foods For PMS

Consuming more magnesium-rich food during PMS or taking magnesium supplements can significantly reduce symptoms of PMS.

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