15 True Crime Podcasts to Binge Right Now!

Everyone is obsessed with true crime podcasts. Tens of millions of listeners tune in to learn about murders, kidnappings, and crimes that have gone unsolved for decades. 

Crime has always captivated the human imagination. People have been fascinated for decades over criminal behavior, and true crime books and documentaries abound. 

If you are a fan of horror or enjoy reading or watching about crime, real or imagined, then check out one of these extremely popular true crime podcasts and see what all the buzz is about! 

Dark History

Bailey Sarian is the queen of true crime stories on YouTube. She talks about murder, mystery, and makeup on Mondays. 

The Nobody Zone

The Nobody Zone is an award-winning podcast about Ireland’s first serial killer Kieran Patrick Kelly, a homeless man who admitted to a series of murders that seemed unnoticed. 

Supernatural with Ashley Flowers

Alien abductions, bizarre true crime occurrences, and lack of logical explanation feature in this supernatural crime podcast. 


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