I Need Money Now

17 Excellent Ways To Make Quick Cash

Wouldn't it be great if we could manage our finances effectively? Then we won't have to turn to quick fixes like getting a cash advance or turning to payday lenders when we are squeezed for money.

The good news is that having a solid financial plan with budgeting, saving, and investing is a great way to ensure you're prepared to handle unexpected expenses and possible short-term loss of income.

Still, if you're in a bind and need some fast ways to make cash, here are 15 different ways to make money now, increase your income, and help you save extra money to deal with emergency expenses.

It doesn't get much easier than earning money by playing games on your mobile device. Yes, this is a real thing – there are gaming apps that will pay you to play games on your phone! The more you play, the more you earn. 

Play Games on Your Phone

Online surveys are a popular side hustle to make cash online. It may not make you rich, but you can earn a few bucks by completing surveys. In addition, many surveys offer gift cards and other bonuses.​

Participate in Online Surveys

There are many reputable cashback apps on the market. Unfortunately, none of them will make you a millionaire, but using a few of them is a good way to get free money when you shop.

Earn Cashback

While living frugally and reducing the amount of money you spend is a great way to create some wiggle room in your budget, cutting larger, fixed expenses will move the needle faster.

Negotiate Your Bills

If you don't have a spare bedroom but do have other types of extra space, have a look at Neighbor. You can list any space, room, building, area, etc., you're not using on Neighbor.

Rent Your Spaces

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