17 Infuriating Movies That Will Make You Go Insane

Too many movies are so infuriating that it makes your blood boil. A recent online discussion looks for films that fit this description. 

One moviegoer is looking for movies that will make them want to punch through the screen. Here are the top responses. 

War of the Worlds (2005)

In War of the Worlds, Dakota Fanning's character is a little kid that screams, doesn't listen, and is constantly running off. 

The Purge (2013)

One user comments that The Purge has an excellent premise, but the plot has holes, the character development is lacking, and the twists aren't surprising. 

Alpha Dog (2006)

One filmgoer shares that Alpha Dog rubbed his wife incorrectly and will never watch the movie again. Another commenter concurs and adds that they forgot about this movie.

The Mist (2007)

A forum member confesses that they refuse to re-watch The Mist. Another member admits they were disgusted by the entirely different ending from the book.  

Funny Games (2007)

Another commenter agrees that the movie was infuriating, but in a good way, saying it was a cool, strange movie. 

I Care a Lot (2020)

A movie enthusiast wanted to punch the lady and the judge in I Care a Lot. One commenter states that after reading the synopsis, they decided to skip the movie for fear of popping a blood vessel.  

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