17 of the Best Final Fantasy Games (Ranked)

Final Fantasy released its first game in Japan in 1987, and in the US in 1990. This was the beginning of iconic games that would have an endless following. 

Check out our list of the best Final Fantasy games ranked from my favorites down to the ones that could use a little TLC. 

Final Fantasy VII (Original)

Arguably the most iconic entry in the series, Final Fantasy VII‘s landed itself on this list. Final Fantasy VII has a brilliant and transgressive story, featuring some of the most deservedly beloved characters, both good and villainous, in series history. We love Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII (Remake) 

The Final Fantasy VII Remake breathes new life into a classic gem in the infamous Final Fantasy series. The character complexity is heightened in the remake causing you to fall in love with the characters and its story all over again. If you haven’t played the remake yet you need to do so. 

Final Fantasy VI

Perfectly paced, Final Fantasy VI achieved such high levels of narrative impact because of its setup. The first half introduces the cast, from the compelling starting protagonist, Terra Branford to the rebel treasure hunter Locke Cole, all who want to take down the Empire. 

Final Fantasy VIII

We’ll never forget Final Fantasy VIII, which reinvented the active time battle wheel without completely abandoning the series’ roots. The new junction system replaced armor and other accessories for customization, and each main character had a set weapon that drastically affected their combat style. The biggest change, however, was the increased emphasis on summoning.