19 Legit Ways to Get PayPal Cash Instantly


If you’re in a bind and need to earn money, you may be curious about how you can earn some extra cash online. 

Some of the best ways to earn free PayPal money include using online survey sites, cashback apps and plug-ins, shopping online, and watching videos.

Typically, you'll need to sell something or provide a service in exchange for a PayPal deposit. Some tactics will earn you money faster than others and without much effort.

How To Earn Free PayPal Money Instantly?

Popping bubbles on your phone in your spare time may not sound like a great way to earn some free PayPal money but it is!

1. Bubble Cash

Compete against opponents at the same skill level – each player plays with the same deck for a fair competition.

2. Solitaire Cash

Download the free Bingo Cash app – available for iOS and Samsung devices – and enjoy an ad-free playing experience from the comfort of your couch.

3. Bingo Cash

If you were a Tetris fan you will love Block Blitz! A fast, addicting game for iOS users will put your mind to work and test your puzzle skills.

4. Block Blitz

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