19 Meaningful Goals Teenagers Can Set To Get Ahead in 2022

Setting SMART goals provides direction, builds focus, and motivates you toward taking some desired action. SMART goals also offer a clear purpose for your decisions while setting a destination worth reaching. 

And, as with compounding returns in investing, the younger we can start practicing this type of goal-setting, the more ingrained and goal-oriented we can become later in life. 

Goals can also help teenagers plan ahead, own mistakes, improve organizational skills, and instill a sense of achievement. However, not all goals are created equal, as we will see, and you must take proper steps to accomplish goals. 

Keep reading to learn the most effective goal setting strategies and what types of goals are appropriate for this age group in 2022. 

Focus on Quick Wins To Get Started

If you don't try, you can't fail, right? These more manageable goals give teenagers confidence they can accomplish harder ones. 

They Want Freedom To Set Their Own Goals; Provide Suggestions & Structure

Parents still offer value by providing goal suggestions if they don't force them. Ask questions, such as, “Why did you choose this goal?” and “What steps do you need to take to reach this goal?” Teaching the components of what makes a decisive goal is also helpful.