20 Best Receipt Scanner Options for Easy Organization

If you're a small business owner or freelancer, then you’re well aware of the organizational nightmare that can befall businesses with many moving parts. 

A receipt scanner is one necessary tool to have in your business toolbox to ensure that all of your business purchases are easily tallied and organized.  

What is a Receipt Scanner?

Receipt scanning apps rely on the use of a mobile device to upload and compile documents for you. Take a picture of the receipt, and the software typically does the rest. 

20 Best Receipt Scanner Options for Easy Organization

Anyone can use these apps, and the software capabilities are likely more important to business owners than the actual scanners themselves. 

Expensify has been rated the best overall receipt scanner app by multiple sites, and so it appears at the top of our list. A cloud-based app for both iOS and Android, Expensify combines receipt scanning with expense reporting. 


Wave Receipts 

Wave Receipts is another frequent list topper, mainly because it’s the best free receipt scanning app. If you’re starting out or just looking to digitize your receipts, Wave is a great option. 

This app may be perfect for those working with a team. The scans are synced with other devices on the account, making it easy to see what everyone is doing and combine all receipts from various team members. 

Neat Receipts 

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