20 Skills to Put on Your Resume: Achieve your Dream Job

You're applying for new jobs and deciding to update your resume. You've been staring at that blank section where your skills are supposed to go for 20 minutes. Then you've found the right article! By the end of this article, you will know what skills to put on your resume.

Regardless of the career path or type of job you want, you will need to possess specific skills, some hard skills, and some soft skills.

Hard vs. Soft Skill Before you start filling up your key skills section, let's discuss the two types of skills to put on your resume, the different ways to showcase them, and where they go. And remember, your hobbies are not skills! For example, having a solid reading habit is a great hobby, but it's not a skill.

Check the Job Description First

When it comes to updating your skills in your resume, the place to start isn't the latest technical training you've completed or your new work experience. It's not even within your resume. You should always start from the job.

Hard skills include languages. It might not surprise you that only twenty percent of Americans can converse in more than one language. However, you may not realize that by learning a second language, you gain a considerable benefit in the job market, over 80% of the population.

1. Language Skills – French, German, or Chinese

2. Coding Skills – Java, PHP or .net

Of course, most jobs don't require coding skills, and employers are not necessarily looking for them. But a candidate with an ability to code stands out for many reasons.

Basic computing skills and proficiency with standard software are must-haves for most jobs, but most employers look for more than word and excel experience. Check the job description for required or preferred software skills. I

3. Software Skills – Microsoft Office, Salesforce, or Dynamics AX

4. Artistic Skills – Photoshop, Technical Drawing or Sketching

Artistic skills, whether drawing, painting, sculpting, or creating digital art, are evidence of a potential employee who can see things differently.

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