20 Times Sci-Fi Stories Predicted the Future

Science fiction is full of ideas for how the future might manifest, and by virtue of existing in the realm of imagination, sci-fi writers are bound to ideate some things. 

Yet, there are times when the predictions get a bit eerie, calling out not just the invention but the general societal vibe that accompanies it. 

Though the realm of science (and science fiction) is vast and it’s hard to say who had what idea first, these are some examples of times that sci-fi absolutely called it when it came to technological advancements. 

Cell Phones – H.G. Wells, The Shape of Things to Come (1933)

A war destroys Europe and leaves its remaining populace hanging by a thread until a number of technological advancements allow for a leveling of the playing field. 

A surprisingly optimistic view of a Utopian dictatorship run by the world's best and brightest that works with the good of the people in mind, this story also introduces cellphones, or “wireless communication devices.” 

Atomic Bomb – Action Comics #101

Another one on the list of things we kind of wish no one had predicted, an issue of Action Comics showed the villainous Lex Luthor quite literally invent the Atom Bomb.