20 Top Pick Virtual Assistant Jobs for Beginners to Make Money


Being a virtual assistant is one of the best, most lucrative side hustles you will find on the internet, and what’s more? 

Although you can work as a virtual assistant with no prior degree, what if the job description is not something you want to do for a long time? What if you don't have the patience to perform some of the necessary tasks?

In this post, I will cover who a virtual assistant is and the tasks involved, along with tips and sites to work as a virtual assistant.

Virtual Assistant Jobs for Beginner

Fiverr is all about serious business, which means that most offers you will see are pretty needed and highly professional . Do a good job and get reviews because these reviews will make clients trust you more.


Upwork is one of the biggest freelancing platforms and is very easy to navigate. Set up your profile using your email address, write your bio, connect with clients, accept projects, deliver good results, get paid, and request reviews.


With BELAY, you can earn $15 on average per hour. You can select the category of your choice, and there are no special requirements to work there.


When it comes to details, I absolutely love FlexJobs. They have several categories of freelancing jobs you can do. When I searched for virtual assistant jobs, there were over 400 search results from different companies.


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