20 Winter Bucket List Activities For Frugal Families

Winter may be the official holiday season, but that doesn’t mean that everything your family does has to be high priced and overly festive. 

Here are 20 of the best winter activities that your family can enjoy together that are both inexpensive and full of fun. 

Do you have the gift of turning ordinary confections into beautiful works of art? If you do, then grab your crew and your mixing bowls and whip up a batch- or two- of winter-inspired Snowflake Cookies! 

Snowflake Cookie Decorating

Making a pair of mittens is a fun activity to get your mind off the dreariness of winter, plus creating a pair of mittens is easy to do and seemingly inexpensive. 

Make A Pair Of Mittens

If you and your loved ones have caught a case of the winter blues, you can turn it around and volunteer at any of your local charity drives. Many charities open their doors to provide food, clothing, and other donations during the winter season to survive the winter months. 

Participate In A Holiday Charity Drive Event

After a trip to the library, have the whole family snuggle up (with hot cocoa or tea) and read books together or separately. There is nothing cozier than an entire family snuggled up with books! 

Snuggle With a Book