21 Best Proofreader Jobs at Home Online


Did you know that proofreader jobs at home can earn you $40K to $55K per year on average?  

Most of these jobs do not require any extensive education or years of knowledge. It's a potluck opportunity if you can find proofreading jobs wisely.

Proofreading eliminates any minute errors or mistakes within the content to ensure that it is grammatically correct.

What is a Proofreader & What Kind of Work Do Proofreaders Do?

What Proofreading Tools Do I Need?

It’s an AI tool that assists its users by improving your content's grammar, vocabulary and fluency. Moreover, it thoroughly checks the content to remove any spelling and punctuation mistakes. 

1. Grammarly

Wordtune's AI algorithm upgrades the quality of your content with its high-functioning AI algorithms. In addition, it offers alternative solutions for your writing that are more attractive and fluent. 

2. Wordtune

Communication with clients is a crucial aspect of proofreaders' jobs. Uploading your submitted work on a shared platform allows you to easily discuss revisions and changes within the writing piece. 

3. Google Docs

As a proofreader, a thesaurus or dictionary can be one of your most valuable extensions. When writing or editing content, it's easy to forget synonyms or alternative words.

4. Thesaurus/ Dictionary

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