21 Road Trip Games to Make the Trip Memorable


When done right, road trips can be fun. 

Once everyone is buckled up, let the road trip games begin! You'll be at your destination before you know it with a smiling happy family.

Road Trip Games The Whole Family Will Love

Bingo is a classic game. Each player gets a bingo board with a grid. Five rows and five columns. Each square has an item. When you see an item, cross it off or put a sticker over it.

1. Car Bingo

Bonus tip: create your bingo boards and modify them to fit your family perfectly. If you have kids that aren't reading yet, pictures will work.

Take turns telling knock-knock jokes and trying to get each other to laugh. If your competitive family needs to have a winner, you can keep track of how many times each person laughs.

2. Don't Laugh!

The person with the lowest number wins. Bonus tip: this is the perfect activity when everyone is getting antsy waiting for the next rest stop.

The oldest member of the family starts by thinking about something. They share one clue. “I'm thinking about something we all love to do together.” Everyone else guesses. Another clue gets added. “It's something we do outside.” Everyone guesses again.

4. What Am I Thinking

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