Here Are Some Of The Best Dice Games You Can Play this Weekend!

More often than not, there are a handful of viral board games that involve utilizing dice for an innumerable amount of reasons. Some games are based solely on the actual use of the dice! 

Check out our list of awesome dice games. They made the list for their art, theme, mechanics, and general fun level. 

Nations: The Dice Game

Players roll dice to build and produce while attempting to create the strongest, most advanced civilization. This faster version has a solo mode option as well, for rainy nights in. 

Pirates vs. Ninjas

This is a quick, 15 minute game for two players. Pirates vs. Ninjas is the second game created within the AvA series that began with Army vs. Aliens. 

Zombie Dice

Zombie Dice is for two players, aged ten and up. The gameplay is 15-20 minutes, great for a quick game to decompress, or a fun mini-tournament with a group of friends. 


Panamax puts players in the shoes of various shipping companies trying to push cargo and make the most money.