51 Small Business Ideas for Women

The economy is constantly changing and adapting with new trends and opportunities emerging all over the country which means that no matter where you are or what industry you work in there are ways to make money as women today!

Now is an amazing time for female entrepreneurs – no matter what they're interested in or how much money they have (or don't).

The internet has given us all opportunities at our fingertips. I hope this list will give you new inspiration while helping you find where YOU fit best.

If you have a talent for baking, make the most of it! In many cases, you can start a baking business out of your home, putting together cakes, cookies, and other delicious treats for paying customers.


If you have a home littered with crafts or you're struggling to figure out what to do with them all–or if you have a craft closet stuffed full of supplies that you never get to use–consider turning that crafting business into extra spending money.



Do some kids' or family photography, or take your talents beyond that and try shooting weddings, graduation photos, or other important life events!

If you're a good teacher, consider a home-based business in tutoring! A couple of hours a day after school can help rake in some serious cash, especially as you start to form a solid client base.

Teach or Tutor

Home Childcare

Maybe one of the best business ideas for moms is childcare. You're already at home with your kids during the day. Why not take advantage of that and bring in some built-in friends for a playdate at the same time?

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