Here are 23 of the Best Recession Proof Job

As much as we'd like to avoid them, economic recessions are just a part of life, and recessions don't simply mean our GDP is regressing.

Most people associate with recession are job losses. Unfortunately, there are no jobs that are 100% safe when it comes to a recession, but there are jobs and industries that tend to fare better.

Recession-Proof Jobs

There is no denying that technology is everywhere. Computers, phones, even our refrigerators have wifi at this point. There will always be a need for IT\Tech professionals of all kinds.

1. Tech Industry

We can't control when we get sick or will need other medical attention. Recession or not, a profession in the healthcare industry will be a safe place to be.

2. Healthcare Industry

Sticking to a healthcare-related profession, physical therapists will be in need during a recession without much decline. People will continue to get hurt, have surgery to recover from, and require many other services physical therapists can provide. 

3. Physical Therapy

Another extension of the healthcare industry is the professions related to working in a pharmacy. Medications, prescriptions, and other health products will always be needed, and working at a pharmacy will help ensure you are in an excellent economic position at all times.

4. Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician