23 Captioning Jobs For Beginners You Need To Check Out


Are you interested in earning some extra money on the side? If yes, consider work from home captioning jobs as a side hustle!

Surprisingly, captioners earn an average of about $65k or higher yearly! However, most captioning jobs for beginners require no years of experience or any kind of certification and so choosing your opportunities wisely is a must.

While watching your favorite shows or movies, have you ever noticed the text that pops up? Those are called captions or subtitles.

What is Captioning & What Does A Captioner Do?

Captioners can make up to $1500 monthly depending on their work hours! Seasoned captioners earn more on average compared to those who are beginners.

How Much Money Can You Make As A Captioner?

It is a misconception that captioners are restricted to working on media platforms such as Youtube, Netflix, etc.

What Are The Different Fields A Captioner Can Work In?

What Are The Different Types of Captioning Job

Closed Captions are those that the viewers can switch on or off as per their needs. Most close captioning jobs are divided into two aspects:

1. Closed Captioning

Real-time captioning is normally a complex task as it involves writing captions for live audio or videos.

Real-Time Captioning:

Offline Captioning is relatively less strenuous as it requires pre-recorded audio or video captioning.

Offline Captioning:

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