25 Best Places to Sell Your Textbooks for the Most Money ($$$)

If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, various online sites will help you sell your used books.  

You can choose to go with a book-focused online platform, a big retailer, or even your social networking apps to help you get rid of your books and build your bank account. 

Online Platform

These online sites’ main focus is to sell textbooks and textbook buyback. They know their stuff and will more than likely offer you the best money to buy back your used book. 


This online platform provides prospective sellers with insight into over 35 textbook buyback sites and guides them to what site will offer them the most money for the used textbook they’re selling. 

BooksRun gives you the option to sell your college textbook and get paid cash in return. They claim to buy back books at some of the best prices. 



Cash4Books is another excellent option if you’re looking to sell textbooks at the end of the semester. One of the most desirable features of the site is that before you even list your book for sale, you can get a price quote for the particular text's going rate. 

Student2Student works for sellers in several ways. It connects you with others who are seeking the texts you’re selling.  


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