25 Memorable TV Teachers

From sources of inspiration and wisdom to comedic relief and from protagonist to villain, teachers have played various roles throughout the history of TV.

Lily Aldrin

One of the most beloved characters in “How I Met Your Mother” is Lily Aldrin (Alyson Hannigan), the energetic and quirky wife of Marshall Eriksen (Jason Segel).

Eva Beadle

Based on the iconic book series “Little House on the Prairie” by Laura Ingalls Wilder, the TV show “Little House on the Prairie” captures the rural family life of the Ingalls in 1800s Minnesota. All three Ingalls daughters attend school in Walnut Grove, where they meet teacher Miss Beadle.

Carrie Bliss

With a title like “Saved by the Bell,” it is no surprise that this early ’90s sitcom makes this list. Set in the fictional Bayside High School in Los Angeles, the show depicts a group of high schoolers as they navigate their teenage years.

Ben Chang

The NBC show takes place at a community college in Colorado, where a former lawyer creates a study group for his Spanish class. The teacher of that class is none other than Señor Ben Chang (Ken Jeong), a sadistic psychopath who may not even know Spanish.

Mr. Collins

Starring Fred Savage as Kevin Arnold, a young boy growing up in the late ’60s, “The Wonder Years” is a classic American series. Arnold’s math teacher, Mr. Collins, holds him to a high standard and pushes him to develop a strong work ethic throughout the show.

Jessica Day

“New Girl” stars Zooey Deschanel as the new girl Jessica Day, the newest roommate to move into an all-male Los Angeles apartment.

George Feeny

Any ’90s kid would be hit with a wave of nostalgia when hearing Mr. Feeny's name, portrayed by William David Daniels.

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