25 Pokémon Evolutions We Need: Smeargle, Eevee, and More


The cornerstone of Pokémon designs in the Pokémon series is seeing them change and shape throughout evolutions. 

The thought of leveling up a Pokémon in anticipation of its new form is a blast.  These 25 Pokémon, in no particular order, still need an evolution at some point.

25 Pokémon Evolutions We Need

The Generation 6 Pokémon only had a small set of living keys. With other similar gimmicks Pokémon like Vanillite and Sinistea having evolutions, it’s time for Klefki to get the same treatment.

1. Klefki

On its own, the Normal type single-stage Pokémon, Smeargle, is fine. It is another gimmick Pokémon that is based on an artist that Bob Ross would likely be proud of. However, there is still some potential left for another evolution to see Smeargle become something new.

2. Smeargle

Hawlucha feels like the kid wrestler-in-training rather than the full-on Rey Mysterio it could be. A much more prominent and beefier evolution would be intriguing.

3. Hawlucha

Stunfisk is one of those boring or incomplete single-stage Pokémon, like the previous entries on this list, that looks like it needs an evolution.

4. Stunfisk

the problem lies in the backstory of Mimikyu, which involves its supposed hideous actual design beneath the Pikachu costume. A long-awaited evolution could reveal that mysterious form or show it off now wearing a Raichu outfit.

5. Mimikyu

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