25 Pokémon Features and Mechanics That Need to Return

The Pokémon Company is dedicated to letting go of older features and promoting newer ones as time goes on. Some of the better Pokémon features and mechanics never returned after going away.

It is time for some of these to make a comeback, and here are our picks for the 25 best Pokémon features and mechanics that have been missing for far too long.

Bringing this back and adding online multiplayer while treating it as a much more extensive experience with 100 trainers at once, possibly divided into groups, would be extraordinary and chaotic in all the right ways. 

Battle Royale

Bringing back difficulty options and having them baked in from the moment you start the game would be one way to show some love to the older fans and those who like to replay the story. 

Difficulty Options

Sure, raid battles and the like are nice, but what about rebattling NPC trainers you’ve already defeated? This was a mechanic way back in Gen 2, and it is high time for it to return. 

Rematch Phone Calls

This feature needs to return, especially given that following Pokémon seems to be a permanent feature now. Sure, Scarlet & Violet let you ride Pokémon like Miraidon, Koraidon, and Cyclizar, but it’s time to include other more giant Pokémon simultaneously. 

Rideable Pokémon

The Underground is the exact postgame content that the Pokémon series is aiming for these days, so it’s disappointing that it hasn’t returned. Being able to take on raids in this area and create home bases to hang out with your friends would be one way to extend a game’s playtime significantly. 


Triple battles were a minor stint in the Pokémon series that never returned. Having three Pokémon you can command at once is wild but the sort of chaos that deserves a second chance with the power of modern consoles. 

Triple Battles

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