25 Uncommon Interview Questions

That Help To Understand What It’s Really Like to Work at the Company

As a Career Coach, many of my clients ask what questions they should ask at the end of an interview to make a good impression. But what if you flipped the script?

I would challenge you to reframe the interview as an opportunity for the company to make a good impression on you.

Below are potential questions to help you get started. Notice that many of them are open-ended. If the interviewer struggles to think of a recent situation, that might be a red flag.

Find out if there are opportunities to do group work or if people operate more in a silo, especially if the job is remote.


Can you tell me when the team worked together to successfully reach a goal?

See if they have a Town Hall or Slack channel, so everyone receives the same information simultaneously. Or does it trickle down from the top, which increases the possibility of miscommunication?


How is information disseminated across the company? What is done to keep employees up to date on what's happening in the market?

If you ask what the company culture is like, they will rattle off positive adjectives. So you want them to show, not tell, through personal stories or concrete examples.


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